Scrolling LED Displays Indoor / Semi Outdoor – P10mm Pixels 200mm High Series

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Quick Overview

LED Scrolling signs are a powerful way to advertise and communicate to customers,
staff, passes by or everybody within the area can’t help but notice your LED sign.
LEDs can increase your bottom line dramatically, draw attention to your business
like no other advertising tool. The message can be easily changed and
extremely efficient to operate with very low maintenance.
Available in these colours:

Red- Green -Blue -Yellow – White
Red&Green – RGB Full Colour
  • PC Windows programmable, USB upload
  • Schedule multi messages to run at one time
  • 10 different speeds options for text movements
  • Brightness adjustable timer
  • Automatic turn on / off as your programming
  • 1 or 4 lines of text, can scoll up, down, left, right and marquee.
  • 12 months Warranty
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