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Digital signage technology can drastically change and improve the way your customer or your company interactsand communicates with your audience, allowing you to deliver personalised instantly updated messages when and where they are at their most effective-all whilst reducing your cost and increasing your revenues at the same time.

“The Digital Sign Company” offers you a range of products that creates this new appearance and fills this demand, and above all it is easy to install,easy to control, relatable and cost effect.

“The Digital Sign Company “is proud to introduce our catalogue of products that covers this “New Age of Digital Signage”.
We have gone to a lot of thought to design and bring to you the right product offering

  • The all-in-one Prime media player provides an out-of-the box solution, a simple, easy-to-use central and local interface, or own network Creates unique but powerful content bundled with management software, that is so easy to operate all this without any ongoing fees.
  • LED displays that are super bright for outdoor and a full range of creative new visual effects for indoor.
    Retail, Car show rooms, Exhibitions, Shopping centres, Bill boards, Pubs, Clubs, Dance, TV studios, Theatre and Arts.
  • Commercials displays for all applications, from 7” to 84”.
  • Commercial Touch displays and Touch tablets, reliable and inexpensive, create that special moment at the POS.
  • Modern range of stands and mounts that only help highlight these exciting new products, all at realist price points.

See how easy and inexpensive you can introduce these new ideas to your customers, and create a new profit stream for your business

“The applications are endless and so are the opportunities.”