Outdoor Curtains


  • Outdoor Curtain P10- 12-15-18 Rental and Fixed Install Type

    Quick Overview

    Your Outdoor curtains are extremely bright in appearance and perfect for direct
    sunlight situations.
    Light weight and easy to assemble, with high resolution and a large grey scale makes
    the colour really pop, handles all weather conditions, can be used initially facing the
    roadway to give maximum impact at our business or theatre situation.

    External and Internal Displays – Car Show Rooms – – Shopping
    Mails – Pubs and Clubs – Theatre and Arts – Restaurants

    There is no end to how powerful they appear once in use


    • Brightness image from 4200 nits to 8000 nits.
    • Pixel Pitch from P10.42mm to P18.75mm
    • Can create eye catching fabulous effects.
    • External and Internal Displays, Stadiums, Shopping Mall

    PRICE STARTING AT $2,250 Sq. Metre.