Outdoor Cabinets


  • Outdoor LED Cabinets Permanent Installations Type – IP65

    Quick Overview

    High performance Outdoor LED displays offers extremely high contrast ration with the
    extra brightness that makes for an excellent true to life picture in day light situations.
    Highly reliability makes this a complete Outdoor LED Display.

    With both rear and front access models available, enhance your business and transforms
    your communication, explore the huge advantange of a LED display.

    • Retail • Restarurants • Auto Dealerships •  Motels etc.

    Any place you need to advertise your busines


    • Brightness of image 5500 nits to 8000 nits
    • Pixel Pitch from  P6mm to  P20 mm.
    • Front access or Rear access models available.
    • Up to 3 Year Warranty.

    PRICE STARTING AT $1,495 Sq.Metre.