• I-Touch LCD Advertising Display

    Screen Size 10.1" 15.6" 18.5" Casing Metal
    Quick Overview
    The touch profiler kit is to help digital signage buyer to create and customize the advertising content by themselves like making a Power-point file.
    • High definition – for retail store and direct branding
    • Built in wizard, creates multi-layered content in minutes.
    • Auto generate and build all the touch action scripts into one single file
    • Program your content with multi-layer touch interaction to deliver the exact message
    • Design your own Touch Screen Layout and place the touch points where you want them
    • Supports cross-user import and export
    • Auto USB update to quickly change content
    • Auto start

    10.1” unit $265

    15.6” unit $385

    18.6” unit $460

    i touch mini
    The software is free of charge for the buyer.Any unauthorized commercial use of the software is prohibited
    8af20509a7ce832d9bc77ae5b4f81e67Free Software : Creating Content and Touch profile Manual



  • Zuni 10.1” Touch Tablet

    10UT 10.1 inch CPU Dual Core Cortex A9,1Ghz
    Quick Overview

    This Android tablet is designed for retail , notification and branding in all display situations.This commercial Tablet is built with flexibility and raggedness for trade environment.Mounted on the Shelf, Display’s, Wall or Door it adds all the functions of Touch, Video, Picture and Sound.

    Available with many add-ons, barcode Scanning, NFC, Card Swiping, and 3G.Be part of the new wave of high-impact interactivity features designed to drive awareness and boost sales, and new generation of shopping engagements.

    • 10.1″ Touch Tablets
    • All operating buttons, ports and sockets at rear
    • Android 4.2 Jelly Bean OS or your operating system
    • No license fees
    • Password protected
    • Hide Navigation System
    • Add-On Accessories
    • Wi-Fi & Blue Tooth
    • Camera



  • Open Frame LCD Advertising Display

    Screen Size 7 inch 10.1 inch 13.3 inch 15.6 inch
    Quick Overview

    Sizes : 7”- 10.1”- 13.3”- 15.6”- 18.6”- 21.5”

    Open FRAME Digital LCD advertising displays with intergrated (SD) Flash Card Player.
    Specifically designed for custom intergration into POP displays, this solution will display
    advertising video with audio and jpg images slideshow.
    This LCD has an auto-start function, loop and play, speakers that can be external.
    Built for semi-permanent displays this OEM product will fill the need for cost effective
    yet trouble free digital advertising monitor.

    5.00 out of 5

  • Zuni Commercial Touch Tablets

    TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS Screen Size 13.3" 15.6
    Quick Overview

    Zunidata System Inc. Manufacture commercial grade product for the digital signage industry, that prides them self on the quality and technology that goes into building these unique display units. Interactivity with your customer visually and by touch, this new shopping engagement technology is closing the cap between shopping on line and retail as we knew it today.Be part of the new wave of high-impact interactive features designed to drive awareness and boost sales, with a new generation for shopping engagements.

    •  10.1”,13.3”, 15.6” & 18.5” Touch Tablets
    • All operating buttons, ports and sockets at the rear                                                         
    • Android 4.2 jelly Bean OS or your operating system
    • No license fees
    • Password protectedzuni_img_2
    • Hide Navigation System
    • Add-On’s Accessories
    • Wi-Fi & Blue Tooth
    • Camera



  • Zuni 18.5” Digital Signage Player

    19N 18.5 inch CPU Cortex A9,1Ghz Memory D
    Quick Overview

    Android Digital signage player


  • Touchscreen LCD Monitors

    Screen Size 21" LED Monitor 32” Monitor 47" LED M

  • Zuni 7” Rugged Tablet

    7RT 7 inch CPU Cortex A9,1.2Ghz Quad Core
    Quick Overview

    Android digital tablet-Designed for the use out of office.
    Restaurants, shop floor, tougher work environment, hand held.
    Impact on concrete safe- 1 meter


  • i-Touch Commercial Tablet

    Quick Overview

    SMIL based Android 4.2 OS 

    Android 4.2 OS all-in-one Retail tablet, you can reach your customer and have them interact with the brand in a way that is proven to increase sales and brand awareness.  Support Manage advertising content, play-list, schedule via Cloud disk or customer own server.
    RJ45+Wi-Fi connection to secure S-tablet network i-Touch Commercial grade retail tablets PC, incorporating a rugged design, with Quad-core Cortex -A9
    featuring glass- cover touchscreen and built in VESA mounting application

    • 3.3”- 18.5”- 21.5” Touch Tablets
    •  Quad-Core Cortex-A9 \10 Point Multi touch
    •  LED back-lite
    • Wi-Fi
    • Blue tooth 3.0
    • 2.0MP Camera front
    • Web CMS Content distribution
    • Drop Box content distribution
    • Android 4.2 Jelly Bean OS
    •  C-Tick

    Free Android SMIL software with your i-Touch Tablets