What is Digital Signage

Digital signage is a marketing and communication system that delivers the right message to the right people, at the right time and in the right place, working either indoor or outdoor, and mainly composed of 3 components:



The most distinguishing element of this technology is the screen that vary in size from 5″ to large billboard. The screen is con-trolling directly or remotely and set to display information in a variety of content types from: images, animation and video to social media and instant news through RSS feeds.



The digital signage software is the content and network management system(CMS) that gives you full control over your communica-tion. This component of a digital signage plat-form, keeps everything together, connecting the hardware and content and enabling the user to monitor the screen and manipulate the media.



The digital signage player is responsible for receiving content from the server (PC) and transferring it to your screen. It is the link between the software and the display which makes it a critical element of the install. In most cases hidden behind the display and quite small in format.

Poster and Printed Signs

Are the prototype of digital signage solutions – static displays that communicate the same message, day in a day out regardless of the audience that see them. Even though useful to a certain extent, those communications channels lack flexibility and are mostly suitable for communication that are relevant for months and years. Digital signs, however, were designed for timely (even instant), locational-based messages, that can be scheduled to your campaign and play time can range from seconds to minutes to day to week, and can be updated at the seed of the Internet.

being_downloadBecause of the broad potential of digital signage – from one flowing illustration, picture or video clip to a patch work of ideas and styles –
each broadcast can be unique in so many ways.


Digital Signage communicates

Due to the massive amount of information out there, consum -ers these days are more selective and fastidious when it comes to engaging in market purchasing decision.

“So considering the customers needs, is the only way business can get ahead!”

Digital signage allows you to communicate a great deal of information in just a minute. This includes not just crucial details about your product, but also your values and brand personality, which is key to generating trust.
Those engaged visitors are likely reaching to your call-to-action, and with a pleasant and memorable image of your brand in their minds, this is likely to lead to that valuable conversion.
Digital signage can therefore offer immediate and long lasting benefits to your business. If you invest in a high quality product like what is offered at ” The Digital Sign Company”, the return on investment can be quick with results extending well into the future.
An appealing broadcast that excludes the personality, values and offering of your business could be the best investment you make!

” The applications are endless and so are the opportunities!”